New Pallets

New – Custom Built Pallets
Built to your specific business needs with the aid of The Pallet Design System {PDS} . All designs are produced in accordance with the Nation Wood Pallet and Container Association’s {NWPCA} standards and specifications.

Costco – Nine Block Style Pallets
The only non-rental pallet option or shipments into Costco DC's

9-BLOC Certified Pallets

Pallet Tops are flat wooden platforms used to top off unit loads to prevent product from handling damage. Atlas can produce any number of sizes in order to meet your business needs. 

Plastic Pallets specialty size or standard available for your needs.

Odd Size Pallets non 48x40 footprints to better accommodate your unit loads.

Atlas Pallet maintains strict workmanship specifications and a well-trained flexible workforce to ensure you receive top quality pallets for your application. We understand that different companies have different needs, which is why we offer so many grades of recycled, combo and remanufactured pallets.  Your pallet order will be designed to meet your specific needs; we offer heavy duty, light duty, two-way and four-way pallets.   We specialize in the hard to find and odd size pallets.   Our pallets are repaired, graded and sold based on each pallet's condition.  Atlas Pallet maintains large inventories in order to ensure prompt and reliable customer delivery.