Pallet Management Services

Pallet Management services - With over seven decades in the pallet recycling business, Atlas Pallet has the industry experience needed to handle all of your pallet logistics.  We are eager to provide a full Pallet Needs Assessment for your business and look forward to identifying greater efficiencies and cost reductions.

Pallet Inventory Management – Account specific solutions; whether you are looking for us to warehouse your pallet inventory at your facility, or managing “Just in Time Delivery” program for your pallets, we are happy to work out a custom solution.

Pallet Needs Assessment – We will guide you to the appropriate pallet for your business needs; whether it is a new, custom, remanufactured, combo, or recycled pallet, we are eager to make sure your order will provide you with the maximum utility at the best price.

Pallet Design – Pallet Design: Analyze, design, or redesign your pallet with the National Wood Pallet and Container Association’s (NWPCA) Pallet Design System (PDS).

On Site Pallet Sort and Repair Programs – Atlas Pallet can install trained workers in your facility to sort good pallets to be returned to your system and broken pallets to be loaded on our trailers for purchase or repair. We can also do on-site repair to your own written standards.

Chep, Peco and 9BLOC Pallet Collection Service – We are able to handle your excess or unwanted Chep (Blue) pallets and Peco (Red) pallets.  We have a working relationship with both CHEP USA and Peco to collect and return pallets.

National Logistics Program

We are proud partners of First Alliance Logistics Managenent, founded in 1995 by 20 like-minded pallet companies. First Alliance today offers a wide range of turnkey solutions for your returnable packaging and other recycle streams that are designed to save you money, reduce your impact on landfills, and, most importantly, let you focus your attention on your business – not what it throws away

With our network of partners and service providers consisting of 225 pallet manufacturers and recyclers across the country, we are capable of handling your pallet supplies, pallet recycling and asset recovery programs for companies with multiple locations, nationally.