Pallet Purchase Programs

Pallet Purchase Programs – Retrieving and recycling your surplus and damaged used pallets to create a new revenue stream. We will buy your used 48x40 pallets at top dollar. We will pickup truckload quantities of your used or broken pallets instead of having them take up your valuable warehouse, dock or yard space.

Trailer Drop Service – Guaranteed 24 Hour Reliable Pick Up Service – Atlas will provide a dropped trailer at your location free of charge for your unwanted recyclable pallets. Once a trailer is full, Atlas will replace it with an empty. The full trailer will then be sorted and counted to determine the load’s value. Atlas offers a variety of pallet payment programs such as: pallet repair and reuse, prepayment, weekly and monthly options.

Pallet Disposal – We offer environmentally friendly disposal services for your unusable wood waste. If a pallet is beyond repair, we will disassemble it for all usable components; the unsalvageable portion will be brought to a local recycling facility and ground for wood fiber.

Dock Management – Floor and dock space are valuable at your facility; which is why Atlas Pallet understands it is critical to keep your areas cleared. Allow us to tailor a program, which will free space and generate a possible revenue stream for your business.